Expedition #4 ___________
It's not just a planet, it's a test-bed.



DEX - The Digital Exploration Society

This moment in time is a rare, special occasion to improve the way "human nature" exists in the world. Hopes cherished for thousands of years can be realized or, at least, we can finally begin. The children, the world, the life around us can only be protected if people work together. And communication has always been our one true solution. The DEX Foundation will show everybody how the new tools for communication can be used to achieve a dynamic unity between people, our material lives, and the planet we exist on. It's not so much a new age as a new youth.

We are so cut off from nature, and yet we love it so much. Locked in our buildings, glued to a computer or looking out a window, we feel apart when we want to be connected. While the Internet connects people -- and that's part of the answer -- it's too lonely and filled with commercialism. The DEX Foundation will change the equation that keeps people isolated and cynical. Using new media the right way, teaching kids to do it, setting examples of what is possible for everybody, all of this makes it sophisticated to have a naive, fresh attitude about what can be accomplished.

In essence, every individual on this planet will soon have the potential to be a traveling video crew, broadcasting and archiving events and messages. For better and worse, the mobile technologies which enable this will be used in industries and to encourage consumer spending. But what needs to happen, like the old 60's refrain, is: Power to the People. To do this, the DEX Foundation will inform and set examples in natural settings of the technology everybody else can use anywhere to say, to learn, to save, to do. For all the technical documents and know-how we have to back up this pledge, it really does come down to a beautiful, fresh opportunity.


The DEX Foundation will benefit the environment by connecting the digital revolution to the glory of nature and the emerging ecological sciences. We will allow nature to speak for itself and enrich the public's desire to see Earth's resources conserved - to stop pollution, the first step is to make people resent it. These new computer communication tools are so exciting because you can share and show from remote places. But what's going to happen is the richness of our planet's surface is going to stop seeming remote. We are going to be able to take a vision of our planet along everywhere we go. Not just a distant space-view, but a sense that these paths people walk are our home.


Who can forget that "Aha" when they first understood a new idea? The DEX Foundation will benefit education by enabling teachers and classes on field trips to record the insights and learning they found most valuable. We'll be spreading Aha's like laughter, empowering teachers to teach, and making learning unforgettable. And we will also be teaching children to speak the new universal language of multimedia. We're taking computers and kids out of the lab and into the field. The DEX Foundation builds on extensive ties with technology coordinators and graduate students. We don't have to guess what will help education; our members tell us and help us succeed.


The DEX Foundation will empower the scientist in everyone. It will benefit scientific discovery by illuminating what can be dry subjects with vitality. DEX is a new podium for researchers to explain what they are doing and why their projects deserve support, to let us know why we should care about what they're doing. Most importantly, discoveries need to be shared because that's how new discoveries are made. Our multimedia will bring this sharing to a new level.


The DEX Foundation will benefit the visual arts by supplying new media to work in and the funds needed to travel to places of inspiration. Many of our most gifted talents struggle to afford paint and canvas and then pray to be exhibited. Our digital tools just need their batteries recharged, and galleries in cyberspace can always accept new works. In addition to the fine arts and design, which have traditionally been inspired by nature, we also expect to see real excellence in the emerging art of computer animation and 3D world-building. Great artists change the way we see our daily life. And one nice thing about digital art is everybody can own an exact copy.


The DEX Foundation will benefit musical pursuits by being a new stage, recording studio, and way to compose. And not just in one place, but connecting anyplace to anywhere. The next Woodstock can have everybody in different woods. Jazz musicians can improvise together playing from separate mountaintops. Classical composers can sketch new themes and orchestrations from wilderness or seashore. In a few years the phrase "living in harmony with nature" will bring musical phrases to mind, created, recorded and played on DEX Digital Expeditions.


The DEX Foundation will benefit the performing arts radically, besides making nature a stage where the audience can be somewhere else. Performance has always brought out the unexpected. Dance and theater have been performed in remote spots for thousands of years. Technology transforms what it means to perform. These new communication tools turn every citizen into a line-producer, so just imagine what gifted show-offs are going to do with it. Websites aren't meant to be just for banks and commerce. Performers using live multimedia are going to dust off those masks of comedy and tragedy and surprise us.


The DEX Foundation will benefit families and personal fulfillment by giving us a new way to express and experience perceptions. It may take a generation, but the family vacation is never going to be the same. Some group of grandkids about to be born will see those movies with kids complaining "When are we going to get there?" and wonder why they aren't doing what they want to do using their computers in that back seat. Mad-at-dad.com isn't taken yet, but it will be. This is an interesting area for us to support. There are so many possibilities. Personal websites are almost an art form of their own and can be very revealing. When people travel together or share experiences in deliberately consciousness-raising events, a wonderful sense of understanding can come out. It doesn't have the same high culture feel as learning or the arts, but this is part of making the human environment a better place. Understanding the person sitting next to you has always been one of life's most difficult and rewarding challenges.


The goals and activities of the DEX Foundation are not going to change the world. People are going to do that using these dramatically powerful new tools for communication. The DEX Foundation will set an example, many examples. Then what people do to grab control of their lives, to reach out, to ensure that this planet is managed so future generations of people can live here, that's what's going to really make this new age a new youth.

DEX Foundation expeditions will always seek out natural places, but we will change how people live their daily lives in cities, too. The DEX Foundation will raise environmental awareness, but many trends we start will resonate far beyond the bounds of cyberspace. This is a fresh opportunity. A core pursuit. A new adventure.