Expedition #4 ___________
It's not just a planet, it's a test-bed.

The Digital Exploration Society (DEX)


DEX - The Digital Exploration Society

The Digital Exploration Society (DEX) was founded early in 1998 to foster greater awareness and understanding of the interdependence between people, the planet we inhabit and the technologies we create.

DEX will explore the potential of advanced mobile digital technology 1) to advance our appreciation of the natural world and our place within it, 2) to promote a more fulfilling and sustainable human lifestyle, and 3) to accelerate the usability and deployment of digital technology for creative, life-enhancing activities.


In the past, we have devised tools to help us dominate and control our environment. These deployments have been both beneficial and destructive. One of the least understood of the negative effects is the way in which we have inadvertently become slaves of our machines, or as Thoreau puts it, ďthe tools of our tools.Ē Until very recently, the industrial age and even the digital age, machines have shackled us to our factories and offices causing a rift between mankind and nature.

The information age and the technologies it continues to spawn offer us an unprecedented opportunity to reverse the damage that has been done and to reconnect with our natural environment. We now have an opportunity to mold technology to human specs and enhance all aspects of our lives, whether in learning, at work, or at play.


To accomplish its mission, DEX will launch, sanction and support interactive Digital Expeditions in all parts of the world. These expeditions will serve as test-beds for new technologies and new uses for existing technologies. Digital Explorers will be equipped with digital cameras, sound recorders, portable computers, navigation systems, satellite communications, and other newly evolving technologies. They will share their discoveries with a global audience via the World Wide Web (in real-time and archival form), as well as in print, broadcast and optical media.

DEX is about more than just ruggedized hardware or setting up servers on mountaintops. Itís about challenging the technology to empower expressiveness and meaning, away from man-made environments and routine living. Itís about harnessing multimedia to the enterprise that is as old as mankind: storytelling, creativity, collective discovery.

DEX is committed to challenging Digital Explorers to do more than merely deploy their machines. DEX will enable them to integrate technology into their lives in new, lively and rewarding ways. DEX will inspire digital exploration among its members and the community at large by setting leading-edge examples and providing guidance and support.

In short, DEX will encourage and accelerate the creative evolution of a new test-bed lifestyle in which technology plays an integral role.