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Digital Sea-bridge DEXpedition
Catalina May 8, 2004

The Digital Exploration Society - DEX is dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the interdependence between people, the planet we inhabit and the technologies we create.

DEX launches, supports and equips Internet-enabled digital expeditions for students and teachers. Our DEXpeditions are dedicated to encouraging kids to discover new ways to see, to hear, to learn and to share - away from the concrete and glass.

As Digital Explorers students use Digital Gear to appreciate, understand and connect with the natural world. On DEXpeditions, students become discoverers of knowledge. They develop their own insights and speculations. And, they communicate their discoveries via the World Wide Web.

It's not just a planet, it's a test-bed. Join us in the adventure.

DEX is a Community Partners Project

Click here to view plans for the DDV -- Digital Discovery Vehicle.

For more info contact:
Robert Lindstrom
DEXecutive Director
(818) 790-9539

To know his
own nature,
man must have
nature around
DEX - The Digital Exploration Society


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